The Fast Dudes - THICC - [AUTZ]

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The Fast Dudes - THICC - [AUTZ]

Post by Galian Kile » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:49 pm

Small Aussie PvP Corp looking to expand.

:arrow: Corporation activities: PvP with PVE and Indy
:arrow: Operating in Gallente High/Lowsec.
:arrow: No skill point/isk requirement.
:arrow: Alliance SRP
:arrow: Capital support and experienced FC.
:arrow: Discord and TeamSpeak 3 required.
:arrow: All Aussie East Coast players atm.
:arrow: Flying with the "Holy Broman Empire" Alliance.

Please contact:
BlueVienedJunketPumper, razorbomb1996 or Klahh98 Nolm

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